Shenseea And Jada Kingdom End Their Beef, Now Following Each Other On Instagram

It seems that Dancehall artistes Shenseea and Jada Kingdom have buried the hatchet and are now friends, at least on Instagram. Fans on Twitter noticed on Monday that the Heavy artiste was now following the Blessed artiste on Instagram and vice versa.

This comes after almost two years of the two artistes beefing and just weeks after the death of Shenseea’s mother which led to Jada reaching out to send condolences to Shenseea. Although Shenseea losing her mother is a greater loss, at least it has managed to bring people closer to her, including Jada who is said to be the one time friend of Shenseea.

The beef between the artistes reportedly started because of Shenseea’s harsh comments to one of Jada’s cousins.  The cousin, a hairdresser, had commented on Shenseea’s hair, offering to do it, to which Shenseea interpreted as the hairdresser trying dissing her. Jada, who publicly came to her cousin’s defense, noted that Shenseea never had to deal with her that way as she was merely offering to promote her business by offering to do Shenseea’s hair. However, Shenseea called out Jada for going public while they were having a private conversation in the DMs.

Since then the two have traded calculating insults at each other. In November of 2019, Jada released a diss track Shen-Heng in which she lyrically destroyed Shenseea, who prior at the Red Bull Culture Clash in her freestyle lyrics asked fans – “Unu cyaa tell dutty Jada Condom (Kingdom) fi stop call up mi name?”

Shenseea who called herself “Shen Saw” dropped some gritty bars as she freestyled over the Banana Riddim taking shots at her longtime rival whom she suggested should leave the Dancehall industry and become an actress.

The jabs didn’t end there as it continued months later with Jada throwing words at Shenseea after she released her Side Chick Song. In an interview, Romeich Major, who manages Shenseea, noted that his artiste will never clash with Jada because it wasn’t worth her time.

He added that he was to manage Jada initially after she won a competition but things never worked out as he called into question her work ethic, although he conceded that she was a talented artiste with enormous potential.

Jada though in replying said that was not the true reason for parting. She also noted she didn’t have time to beef anymore as she was working on her new album to be released in 2020.

Queen of Dancehall Spice and Lisa Hyper also recently ended their 12 year-long rift by exchanging apologies on Instagram.

With Shenseea and Jada marking the end of their feud by making it Instagram official, fans are already calling for a collab.


Source: Dancehallmag

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