Dr. Dayton Campbell Steps Down

Sex scandal intensifies for Dr Dayton Campbell

The People’s National Party’s General Secretary Dr. Dayton Campbell is now under great scrutiny following new allegations surrounding a sex scandal. Three females have recently provided statements alleging their sexual involvement with Campbell while they were minors (15 years old). These statements were included in a defense filed by the Supreme Court supporting PNP’s activist Karen’s Cross defense of truth and fair comment filed on May 13, 2021.

Campbell, along with his attorney-at-law Georgia Gibson-Henlin QC, previously denied the claims of the two-term Member of Parliament’s involvement in any criminal offense or immoral conduct. This came on the heels of Campbell’s first accused Karen Cross along with two other PNP bloggers, claiming they were involved in a sexual relationship with Campbell before reaching the age of consent (16years old).

Following these allegations, the PNP General Secretary filed a defamation lawsuit against Cross and her co-accused, which later saw the case being thrown out as police investigations halted in April, on the basis that there was not enough evidence to substantiate the allegations. The JCF also says Ms. Cross failure to obtain other credible information from persons interested in making a complaint against Dr. Campbell resulted in the case being terminated. However, the JCF is willing to re-open the case if the activist can provide credible information from other persons towards the investigation.

Well, trouble is now luring at the MP’s door as the three statements provided by the females regarding Campbell’s sexual encounters with them sends shock waves throughout the party and threatens the medical doctor’s reputation, as the alleged statements if proven to be true, will label Mr. Campbell as a pedophile and sex offender of minors.

According to the first statement taken on March 1, the alleged victim who is now 18 years old, says she first started having sexual relations with Dr. Campbell three (3) months before her 15th birthday. In the statement she says, these encounters would occur when the MP visited the Brown’s Town Area of the North West St. Ann constituency in which he was the MP at that time.

The female also says Dr. Campbell would take her, along with other girls to several places whenever he visited the constituency. She recalled that their last sexual encounter was on a Friday before the General Election in February 2016. The alleged victim says she shared her story with Ms. Cross in 2019.

In the second statement dated March 12, the female claims she was only 15 years old when Dr. Campbell had sex with her in 2014. According to the now-woman, she first met the MP when he was campaigning in his constituency and offered to help the alleged victim’s mother.

In the statement the female declares that between the ages 14 and 16 years old, Dr. Campbell would take her to political campaign meetings in Clarendon, Kingston and Manchester in which he would partake in sexual activities with the minor. The female also said some of these experiences would occur when Campbell take her out to hotels. She also claims Campbell would give her money regularly but she was fearful of telling her mom of the situation because the MP was assisting her mother as well. The alleged victim however expressed this fear when she confided in Ms. Cross upon the activist’s visit to St. Ann.

Another female providing evidence in a third statement in Cross’ defense was written on March 18, the statement says the allegedvictim started having sex with Mr. Campbell at the age of 15. She claims that Campbell’s first sexual gestures towards her began when her mother told her to ask him for school fee assistance and help finding a job for her brother. The female stated that it was at that point the MP made some sexual comments about the size of her breasts and asked if the female was sure she was 15 years old.

Thereafter, the female reported in the statement that after Campbell’s assistance, a relationship ensued and she started accompanying Campbell to several places, including political meetings, during which they would engage in multiple sexual conducts and he took her virginity.  The female also expressed these happenings to Ms. Cross and says she too was experiencing a level of fear.

All the above statements from the three females were given by their own free will and witnessed, signed and sealed by a Justice of the Peace who had clear identification of all the alleged victims.

One advocacy group has come forward to ask for the PNP General Secretary Dr. Dayton Campbell to step aside following the allegations regarding sexual misconduct. The group which comprises of individuals such as Executive Director of the National Integrity Action Professor Trevor Munroe, women’s right advocate Joyce Hewitt and retired Deputy Police Commissioner Novelette Grant among other members, are outraged and insists on receiving truth and transparency from all public officials; therefore they suggest that Campbell step aside from all his duties until he is cleared of all these allegations.

“We expect our political leaders to set high standards for the society they choose to lead…All forms of crime and violence against men, women, boys, and girls must end. Dr. Campbell must do the right thing and step aside as PNP General Secretary and from all other positions of political leadership until proven to be not guilty in a court of law,” the advocacy group expressed.

The lobby group also highlights that Campbell’s allegations will be intensified subsequent to the controversy surrounding Jamaica Labour Party MP George Wright, following the alleged beating of a woman with a stool which was captured on camera recently. The group lashes out against both political leaders and said they will not condoned these type of behaviours if the alleged allegations are proven to be true.

“The alleged behaviours cannot be tolerated…These allegations cast a shadow on the integrity and moral fiber of political leadership in Jamaica. They served to undermine the authority and moral fortitude of the institutions that both Mr Wright and Dr. Campbell represent. If these allegations are in fact true, how many of our political leaders have knowledge of their colleagues and have kept silent?” they questioned.

Calls by Mckoy’s News to Dr. Dayton Campbell and his attorney-at-law Georgia Gibson-Henlin QC have been proven futile.


Writer- Natasha Williams.

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