Security Strengthened at KPH and Victoria Jubilee

Jamaica News: Security measures have been strengthened at the Victoria Jubilee and Kingston Public hospitals, downtown Kingston.

Acting Chief Executive Officer (CEO) for the hospitals, Colleen Wright, told JIS News that 13 closed-circuit television (CCTV) cameras have been installed at the facilities.

The cameras, valued at $1.3 million, were procured through funding provided by the Ministry of Health.

Ms. Wright said that the cameras cover high-traffic and vulnerable points throughout the compound, including the lobby areas and all entrance and exit points.

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“It enhances public safety. In the event of criminal activity, it will also help us to quickly solve these by identifying the perpetrators,” she noted.

In addition to the cameras, other security measures have been put in place to monitor the approximately 210 persons who visit the hospitals daily.

These include 24-hour security personnel, and visitors are now required to sign in to enter the facilities.

Additionally, searches have been implemented to ensure that no unauthorised items/persons enter or leave the hospitals.

“When visitors are coming, they have to be searched. They are given a pass and their names are recorded. They must state who they are going to on the wards, and we have a list to ensure the (patient) is on the ward or the visitor will not be admitted on to the compound,” Ms. Wright said.

She is appealing to members of the public to comply with the new measures, which are intended to ensure the safety of all persons at the hospitals, and improve service efficiency.

“We are ensuring that we tighten up security to mitigate breaches,” she said.


Source: JIS News

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