Security Guard or Gunmen? 

Jamaica Crime News: After viewing several video clips which have been circulating on social media showing five heavily armed security guards manipulating a businessman and an elderly man, one has to ask the question.  How safe are we from the people who should be protecting us?

The Jamaica Constabulary Force already has their hands full dealing with rogue cops and now they are been called in to deal with rogue security guards.

The confrontation started with just exchange of words and the first firearm to be drawn is the female security guard who kept on spewing expletives after expletives.  If I can recall her words in one of the video clips were: “Boy u know a who mi.. mi wi kill u”.                                                                                           

Even up to that point, no-one knew that the businessman was a licensed firearm holder. Although he was being held at gunpoint by the unqualified security guard, he still did not reach for a weapon.

One must realize that these security officers were acting illegally because their lives were not being threatened yet the female firearm was in her hand for most of the videos.  Bear in mind, that they are not police officers.

The businessman was forced to pull his firearm and defend himself right after he was attacked from behind by the so-called security in plain clothes.  Even at that point, he was sitting on top of the businessman and none of the five security guards made an attempt to assist him.

The businessman was forced to squeeze off a round after he was being relieved of his firearm.  The so-call security guard then unleashed upon him. He was boxed, kicked and even stepped in his face.

One has to consider that, the incident started out as a domestic dispute and the security company was summoned.

Obviously, the security company sent the wrong team because what the video clips shows are all illegal moves on the part of the guards.

Jamaicans are now watching this incident very keenly and we hope the Police High command views these clips and these security guards are dealt with according to law.  Also, this businessman should immediately seek the services of a lawyer and file a lawsuit against all of these security guards individually and also against the security company.

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