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Abducted Hanover woman went missing after slaying of employer, residents demonstrate

GREEN ISLAND, Hanover — Over 30 police officers from across the parishes of Hanover and St James yesterday combed a cane field in Prospect, Hanover, in search of a woman who the lawmen claim was abducted after gunmen shot dead her employer on Monday night.

The woman is identified as 30-year-old Tasha Gordon of Cauldwell, also in Hanover

The woman went missing shortly after Marvin McIntosh, 36, was reportedly gunned down at his grocery shop in Prospect, Green Island, Hanover.

Jamaica Observer learnt that about 8:30 pm, residents heard gunshots and summoned the police who, upon their arrival, found McIntosh’s body lying face down on the floor of his shop with his hands bound and what appeared to be gunshot wounds to his head. He was reportedly clad in a grey merino, green shorts and a pair of brown slippers.

Abducted Hanover woman: a senior police investigator told the Observer that, based on leads given on the direction in which the men escaped with the woman, the police carried out a search of a cane field in the area where they found $9,000 and a pair of slippers belonging to the woman.

Yesterday, scores of irate residents staged a demonstration calling on the police to do more in the search for Gordon.

The placard-waving demonstrators used boulders and other debris to block the Prospect main road.

“We need to find Tasha; Tasha fi find. We need helicopter to cover the whole Westmoreland and Hanover,” one male protester demanded.

“We alone can’t walk to find Tasha.”

GORDON… went missing shortly after Marvin McIntosh, 36, was gunned down at his grocery shop

Some of the residents said that they are fed-up with the escalation of crime, especially murders, taking place in the parish, while others called for a shake-up of the police force.

For their part, the police say they have widened their search for the missing woman.

They are also asking for any information that the public can give that will aid in their investigations into the murder and abduction.




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