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Scotiabank Jamaica Charges J$385 to Break-Up a $5,000 Bill

Scotiabank Jamaica Charges J$385 to Break-Up a $5,000 Bill

Kingston Jamaica (McN) – Scotiabank Jamaica has had its fair share of citizen critique when it increased its cheque cashing free by 1000% for customers who changed their cheques with the bank.

When Scotiabank reportedly increased its fee per cheque from $385 to $1,385 for cheques cased from other banks, it got a unified backlash from customer and non-customers alike. Now, customers are uncomfortable about another alleged fee to break their $ 5, 000 note into smaller dollars.

As reported by other news outlets customers of Scotiabank Jamaica are now allegedly required to pay a fee of $385 to change a $5,000 bill into smaller notes.

Mckoy’s News will bring more on this as it becomes available.

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