Schoolgirl, 12, who shaved her head to raise money for a cancer charity is left in tears after cruel bullies call her ‘ugly’

A 12-year-old schoolgirl was mocked for shaving her head in honour of her grandmother, a cancer survivor.

Kyarah Doyle, from New South Wales, took part in the Leukemia Foundation World’s Greatest Shave on Thursday.

The Inverell High School student raised more than $1000 for the charity by shaving off her long brown hair.

But despite her good intentions cruel bullies made rude remarks, laughed and called her ‘ugly’ when she turned up with no hair on Monday.

Kyarah’s mother Jessica Smith said she came home in tears.

Inverell High School student Kyarah Doyle (pictured), from northern New South Wales, reached her goal to raise at least $1,000 for the Leukemia Foundation World's Greatest Shave

The 'selfless' year seven student made the brave decision to shave off her sandy-blonde hair in honour of her grandmother, who was diagnosed with cancer

‘She came home from school and as soon as I saw her, I knew there was something wrong,’ the mother-of-four told Daily Mail Australia.

‘Students at school, who she classified as friends, bullied her and asked her why she would have done that,

‘They should have  been the ones to support her and they knew full well why she shaved her head.’

Ms Smith said Kyarah was so upset, she couldn’t face going back to school and had to stay home on Tuesday.

‘She’s still very upset. I’m reassuring her that what she’s done is incredible and so many people are proud of her,’ she said.

‘I thought high school students would be more mature than this.’

The mother-of-four has blamed the school for not publicising the initiative to students beforehand.

She had filed a complaint to the school but was told by the principal she was unaware of the incident.

The matter was passed on to the deputy, who also wasn’t aware of the bullying but has said the school will act on promoting the campaign.

Ms Smith said her 12-year-old was so upset, she couldn't face going back to school and had to stay home on Tuesday

‘They [the school] literally did not want anything to do with it. I feel if they had promoted it, she wouldn’t have been bullied,’ Ms Smith said.

Ms Smith, who had participated in the World’s Greatest Shave in past after losing a close friend to cancer, said she was inspired by the bravery of her daughter.

‘I think people need to learn not to judge because what she has done is amazing,

‘Kyarah and I would like thank everyone for their support and to everyone who has donated.’

A spokesman from the New South Wales Department of Education and Training told Daily Mail Australia a member of the school executive responded to Ms Smith and addressed her concerns within an hour of her initial call.

‘The school spoke to her by telephone and is already following up her concerns and if substantiated will take appropriate action,’ the statement read.

‘The Year 7 Adviser had already praised the student’s efforts for Shave for a Cure to a meeting of the whole year group,

‘Bullying is not tolerated at Inverell High School. The school proactively encourages students to report any concerns to a wide range of nominated staff or a trusted teacher. Any bullying, whether reported or observed, is addressed appropriately.’

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