Schoolers Brawl at Montego Bay Transport Centre

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Jamaica News, March 8, 2018 – Schoolers Brawl                                                          

Montego Bay, Jamaica – Police officers and bus operators inside the Montego Bay Transport Center on Wednesday afternoon were forced to regret a physical confrontation between students from the Anchovy High School and the Knockalva High School.

It was unclear what the fight was about, but,  at approximately 4:00 p.m., an argument erupted between some five students from both institution.

Schoolers Brawl at Montego Bay Transport Centre

Minutes later, the students launched an attack on each other raining blows after blows.

Uniforms were thorn and hairstyles dismantled,  as the female students used all sort of objects to attack each other.

Meanwhile, the bus operators are now saying they need the presence of more Police officers in the Transport Center, as fights such as these occur on a daily basis in the Transport Center and even ended with persons been critically injured.

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