Runaway Businessman Executed (Full Story)

Alfred Whorms Runaway Bay Businessman Executed
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St. Ann, Jamaica (McN) – Business man, owner of a hardware store in Runaway Bay was executed by gunshots in his store.

A businessman who lived on the upper floor of his business establishment, opened his store for the day and sat next to the front counter of his hardware store, near the entrance. He was  flipping the leaves of the morning newspaper, when a lone “early morning customer” arrived in the store. He got up to help the customer, and was immediately shot and killed – execution style – in the head and torso by the man who appeared to be a customer.

The victim, identified as 66-year-old Alfred Whorms, of Salem District, Runaway Bay, St. Ann operated Plumbline Hardware Company, which is located along the Salem, Runaway Bay main road.

The killing was captured on the store’s surveillance video – footage shows a man entering the hardware store from the parking lot, wearing a construction yellow and red vest, and a hard hat. He enters the store and begins to frisk his pockets, while looking around the counter as if he had lost something inside the store.

Whorms then got up to assist the man, and turned his head away from the man for a second, the pretentious customer immediately pulled out a handgun and shot him in the head.

The businessman fell to the floor.

To ensure that Whorms was dead, the gunman stood over him and fired two more rounds into him.

The gunman was seen next walking causally out of the hardware store into the parking lot.

The body of Alfred Whorms was found by an employee approximately 8:30 that morning.

The Runnaway Bay Police are investigating, the shooter has not yet been identified.

Background Information

It is alleged that Mr. Whorms shot and killed 42-year-old Alton Thompson in April 2011 during an altercation at his Grants Mountain property. This shooting ignited two days of community riots, during which police and fire units were damaged.


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