Roshane Needs Your Help

Jamaica News, Montego Bay: Up to a few months ago, Roshane Reid, was the talk of the West where football is concerned. Over the years his goal-scoring prowess has earned him a large fan based in Montego Bay and Western Jamaica.

But from February 2018 all the fame and glamour that he once enjoyed were shattered owing to the amputation of one of his legs which he used to score quite a number of goals.

Hailing from the Norwood Community of St James, Reid is known in football circles as Dutch’.

He helped St James High school to win many championship honors by scoring more than twenty goals for one season. He went on to represent Gully Ambassadors in the division two competitions which helped them to gain promotion to Division One.

After leaving Gully team he went on to represent Norwood Strikers, where he took the top senior league championship. After leaving Norwood Strikers, he went on to represent Holland United of Trelawny in the Western Confed Competition. His goal scoring ability helped them out of the relegation zone in 2016. He then went on to represent the Montego Bay Boys and Girls Club Football team in the Western Confed Competition.

Roshane’s goal-scoring ability led them to the finals against Sandal South Coast, but they were defeated. Sandals went on to play in the National Premier League but just for one season. In early February he helped his team to win the Norwood Futsal Competition which is sponsored by Dr. Horace Chang.

However, in late February tragedy struck. Reid lamented, “I was hit by a stray bullet, and it poisoned my feet. The Doctors at the Cornwall Regional Hospital said it was poisoned so they had to cut it off, but I knew they could try and save my leg,”

Reid explained, “I am in dire need of an artificial leg to move around more frequently, and I am appealing to all my fans to help me out as I am unable to purchase an artificial leg. So far, Bruce Gaynor and Sharon Woodstock showed much interest in my unfortunate situation and I would like to extend my sincere gratitude”

If you can help Dutch to purchase an artificial leg he can be contacted at 1876-545-8323.

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