Riigz and Squash Drop new Song

Entertainment: [Mckoy’s News] Riigz and Squash Drop new Song –The inner-city community of Paradise Row is now begging to get a big recognition. The reason is that one of the community entertainers have teamed up with one of the biggest DJ in Jamaica.

Ricardo Leslie who uses the stage name Riigz has now released a song in combination with Squash, the song is called Benjaminz. The song is now getting several thousand views on YouTube, and receiving lots of forward in the dancehall.

One selector who goes by the name of Dj Fowl has this to say. ‘Whenever I played a Riigz song at my party I always get a big money, for what we called Money Pull up.

Riigz is a past student of the Herbert Morrison Technical High in Montego Bay. Other songs over the years are Deja Vu, Weed and Rum, Stand Tall, and everything is alright. In the first week of October, he is set to release a new single called ‘Hey Yoo’, on the Father Roy Label.

Riigz is now getting bookings from all over. Riigz also recorded with top producers like attomatic records, swagga records, rush rushiek records, fadaroy muzik, tru prodution and biggs million ent, etc. At the moment his publicist is his cousin Alan Lewin, who has a wealth of musical experience to his credit.

I am gearing him up for next year’s staging of Reggae Sumfest to put him in the International limelight. Visit & subscribe to his Vevo channel “RiigzVEVO” also follow on Instagram @riigz_muzik.

Riigz and Squash now have a combination called Benjaminz


Alan Lewin – Reporter

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