St James – Residents Kill Alleged Gunman in Green Pond

St James, Jamaica (McKoy’s News) – Residents Kill Alleged Gunman in Green Pond: A man who is alleged to have been among a group of gunmen, who went on a shooting spree in Green Pond, St James on Saturday night, (killing one resident), was cornered by angry residents who severed his neck and set his body on fire.

Dead is Garry Dixon, 29-year-old welder of Valley Heights in Green Pond while the alleged gunman still remains unidentified. Reports are that shortly after 11:00 p.m. on Saturday a group of armed men entered the Valley Heights area of Green Pond. The men opened fire, killing Dixon who was among a group of patrons standing at a shop.

The gunmen then fired at other community members, but a license firearm holder challenged them and they fled the area on foot. Some minutes later angry community members went in search of the gunmen and caught up with them on a dirt track leading from the Green Pond community to Salt Spring area.

Residents Kill Alleged Gunman: The irate residents attacked the gunmen and managed to corner one of them. The others escaped while the residents set upon the alleged gunman and severed his neck. They then doused him with gasoline and set his body on fire.

The police was later summoned and on arrival, the bodies of Dixon and the alleged gunman were removed to the Cornwall Regional Hospital, where they were pronounced dead.

A source told our news team that the attack on the Green Pond community was an act of reprisal for the shooting of two men in Salt Spring on Friday night going into Saturday morning.

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