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Recording Artist Mygrain the Highpass G

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Exclusive (McKoy’s News)Recording Artist Mygrain the Highpass G: Mygrain the Highpass G whose given name is Clayson Shemon Daley was born and grown up in Samuel Prospect, Trelawny in a Christian home with his mother; Dasley Daley, father;  Vincent Daley and other brothers and sisters.  Clayson attended the Duncans All Age  School before passing to attend The Holland High School which in Falmouth, Trelawny.

Mygrain’s love for music developed from a very tender age where he was mandated to be a part of his parent’s church activities on a weekly basis.   He was also exposed to musical instruments used by his father who plays for his church.

That exposure led Mygrain into establishing his own handmade musical instruments where he would copy from the activities which he saw at church.

As Mygrain grew up and started to be exposed to different types of music, his love and passion also started to expand and as such, led him to visit his grandparents who also lived in the community, where he would be able to spend more time listening music.

Recording Artist Mygrain first sampled his voice on a record at age fifteen (15) when his older cousin saw his talent and recorded his first track “wi nuh fraud” via a computer mic and virtual recorder before burning it to a CD where Mygrain and all his friend could be able to play it at home.  That sample gave Mygrain his first stage name, “Moviestar” and caused him to be very popular in his community.

Mygrain grew and continued to be even more talented where he started to manipulate equipments and appliances which he would get from his friends and create his own studio.

Myrgrain also influenced his friends who also joined the art which later developed a musical feud resulting in a lyrical confrontation between him and other young talents within the community.

Recording Artist Mygrain gained his first large attention after entering and winning a musical competition at his high school in 2009 and was crowned as Holland High school’s musical icon.

His first hit single “Ghetto Youths Appeal” was recorded by Cashflow Records in 2014 and was well accepted by the underground fan base.   He also recorded other tracks such as: Dan ship, Dem Nuh real, Shella,  No Trust, Again and Again etc.

Over the past two years, Mygrain has been receiving multiple bookings for events in and around   Trelawny; however, his two largest shows so for has been Charley Black birthday bash in Part Maria, St Mary and Trelawny mi Born & Grow in Duncans, Trelawny.

His most recent Track “Success” which also has an official video, was recorded by Jahwayne Records on the Sudium riddim which also featured Charley Black and other local artists.

To follow all the activities and updates visit Mygrain Muzik on Facebook, Mygrain Muzik on IG or simply Type ‘mygrain in youtube and you will see all tracks and videos.


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