Ratty Gang Creating Terror in St James

December 22, 2017 – Mckoy’s News (Jamaican News)

St James, Jamaica – Ratty Gang Creating Terror: The police in St James have advised residents in and around the Cambridge area to be extra careful when traveling around the community.

According to the law officers, the most wanted man Ryan Peterkin otherwise called Ratty (who is on the top of the list of wanted men in the parish of St James) have been carrying out a reign of terror on Cambridge and its surroundings. The police further stated that since 2015 Peterkin has been eluding the police and since then he has formed the Ratty Gang which consist of over 20 heavily armed members ranging between the ages of 15 to 24 years old.

The police stated that residents residing in Mother Lane areas of Cambridge and the Retrieve communities are being asked to be extra careful when travelling in those areas. The Ratty Gang is alleged be responsible for a number of shootings and murders in these areas and mostly use a section of the roadway which is in deplorable condition in Retrieve community to prey on motorists.

The police also said that they are now finding it very difficult to flush out Peterkin and his gang as the residents are now gripped with fear because of him.

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