Dark Tints on Car

Police Warns Private Vehicles, Not Exempt from Tints Removal LAW

Kingston, Jamaica (McN) – Last week Monday the police began carrying out orders of the Government to enforce the removal of dark tints from public passenger vehicles, as part of the anti-crime measures implemented by Parliament.

However, reports are that the police have been removing dark tints from their private motor cars, also.

Senior Superintendent Calvin Allen, head of the Highway and Traffic Division, warns that the police can enforce the removal of dark tints from private vehicles, if an examiner has determined that the tint is impairing the driver’s vision. He states that private motorists are not exempt from their tints being removed.

“The Road Traffic Act, Section 159 speaks to the maintenance of glass and so the Island Traffic Authority inspectors, who are the experts, can carry out their inspection in terms of determining whether or not this individual is able to properly operate that vehicle in terms of clear vision,” he pointed out on Monday.

SSP Allen said the police have found private motor vehicles with excessively dark tints in unusual parts on their motor vehicles.

“The entire vehicle was was tinted, back glass, side glass, front glass…headlight tinted, break-light tinted, and we’re talking about order and public safety and security,” he said sadly.

In such cases, he warns the police is authorised to act, and they will be watching out for these vehicles.

According to Allen, the police have removed tints from more than 2,700 vehicles since it started enforcement activities last week. On Monday morning  alone, he said tints were removed from more than 170 vehicles.

SSP Allen states, the police will continue to enforce the anti-tint regulations island-wide.

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