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PPV Taxi Drivers Have Until Monday Feb 13 to Remove Car Tints

Kingston, Jamaica (McN) – Prime Minister Holness, in a press conference on Thursday warned registered taxis – Public Passenger Vehicle (PPV) operators, they have until next Monday, February 13, to remove tints from their vehicles.

In efforts to tackle the recent surge of violence and crime on women and children, Jamaica’s Government is taking new measures. Prime Minster Andrew Holness called an emergency press conference to deliver the message to the public.

Special address was given to taxi operators, in the wake of the murder of Montego Bay teenager, 15-year-old Shineka Gray who was allegedly murdered on her way home from a funeral, by an “illegal” (Robot) taxi driver and his crime partner  – these two men were officially charged with the murder of the 10th grade student.

Prime Minister Holness, said it is already the law, there should no tints on registered PPV vehicles, therefore, starting on Monday, the police and the transport authority is ordered to step up their operation on these vehicle.

The P.M. said the Robot taxi’s will receive [Special Attention].


Earlier this week, on Monday taxi drivers in Portmore, St. Catherine protested in front of the Portmore Mall, wanting the pubic to know that there are honest, hardworking taxi drivers, who are not involved in violence.

One taxi driver said that if the Transport Authority required the registered taxis (PPVs) to put a their picture on their motorcars, so the passengers can differentiate between the them and the illegal taxis, the legal operators would comply.

Of note, The Legal taxis are already set apart by their license plate which is red in colour and bears the acronym PPV.


Prime Minister Andrew Holnes at the press conference, addressed child pornography, and the circulation of child pornography on social media. He said, the police have been advised, to extend zero tolerance in these cases.

Prime Minister Hon. Andrew Holness, in addressing crime on women and children, said there will be a zero tolerance for charged offenders.
P.M Holness said, the government will ensure that all information are provided on deportees, especially those who committed sexual offences. He said, information on deportees who committed sexual offences will be entered into the sexual offence registry in Jamaica.

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