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Seafood restaurant Gloria’s co-owner’s death a tragedy of suspected speeding

Port Royal, St. Catherine (Mckoy’s News) – The silence was airy at famous Port Royal seafood restaurant Gloria’s, owned by the family of the late Gloria Prawl- this after Cecil Prawl was killed in a motor vehicle crash on Easter Monday, April 17.

Customers and friends were rocked with grief alongside family members, at the sudden death of co-owner of the Port Royal seafood restaurant in a 4:30 am crash on Monday morning. The restaurant was not opened yesterday for the festive day, which was also the birthday of the late matriarch, Gloria Prawl.

Police reports are that the 49-year-old Cecil Prawl, was travelling from Kingston to Port Royal when he allegedly lost control of his Lexus sports utility vehicle (SUV) while driving along a section of the Port Royal main road.

On reaching a section of the main road known as Lightbourne Corner, the SUV crashed and overturned multiple times. It is further reported that he was flung from roof of the SUV, and sustained multiple and major injuries, especially to his head and upper body.

He was rushed to a medical facility by an airport ambulance, and soon after pronounced dead.

Cecil Prawl, his siblings and family had planned to visit the grave of their mother for a birthday memorial tribute to her, instead he died minutes away from the Port Royal cemetery where she is buried.

Police who are investigating suspect that speeding caused the accident, based on the mangled vehicle.

Yesterday the family gathered at Tanya Prawl’s Port Royal home in shock of the sudden death of their brother.

The seafood restaurant Gloria’s has been in existence on Port Royal for over 47 years, started by a Christian woman named Gloria and passed on to her children after her sudden death. The seafood restaurant has seen the who’s of who that come from around the world for the Jamaican seaside dining.

The grieving sister said the restaurant will be opened today.

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