Popular Street Person “Kerr – Jarrett” who was Fatally Shot by Off-Duty Cop in Montego Bay, said to be a Serial Robber

Latest Jamaica News, Montego Bay (McKoy’s News): Residents and businesses operators within the second city of Montego Bay, are now breathing a sigh of relief, following the fatal shooting of a man on Wednesday morning October 2, who they say was a serial robber.

The deceased who has been identified so far only as “Kerr-Jarrett”, is said to have been a notorious serial robber who is responsible for a number of robberies and break-ins committed around Montego Bay, for some time now.

It is said that the deceased would strike late at nights and steal anything that he can find at garages, construction sites, parking lots, shops, stalls, supermarkets and stores.

Reports by the Barnett Street police are that about 4:30 a.m., a security team was alerted that a robbery was taking place at a construction site along River Bay Road.

The security officers proceeded to the location where they saw the man known as “Kerr-Jarrett” removing a number of construction plywood from the compound.

He was cautioned and ignored the security guards warning. An off-duty cop who was in the area assisted the security officers and he was attacked by the alleged serial robber who was armed with a machete, and he shot the robber to death.

The scene was processed, and the body later removed to the morgue for post-mortem examination.

A team attached to the Independent Commission of Investigations are also carrying out investigations into this fatal shooting.

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