Detectives attached to the Linstead police department have now confirmed that a female who was shot and killed, and a man shot and injured, during an incident which occurred in Linstead, St. Catherine, on Saturday, April 6, was robbed by the men.
The lawmen stated that the deceased 30-year-old,  Alecia Miller, of Charlemont Housing Scheme, in St Catherine may have been killed for an undetermined sum of cash she was carrying.
Reports by the Linstead police are that, shortly after 7:00 p.m., Miller was inside a shop which is operated by the male victim, when two armed men entered the establishment and held her at gunpoint.
The men proceeded to rob her of cash, and then shot her multiple times to death. The owner of the establishment attempted to intervene, and he too was shot by the gunmen and left for dead.
The police were summoned, and upon their arrival at the establishment which is located in the vicinity of the Linstead Primary and Junior High school, both victims were discovered suffering from gunshot wounds.
Miller and the male victim were transported to the hospital, where Miller was pronounced dead, and the man admitted in serious condition.
Miller is the second female to be killed by gunmen in Linstead, over the past month.

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