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Police Murder Trial: “I Was Afraid He Would Kill Me”

Kingston, Jamaica (McN)Police Murder Trial: The case continues at the Home Circuit Court in Downtown Kingston today for two Policemen on trial for murder of a man and shooting injury of a 17-year-old, who was reportedly shot at close range in his chest.

The main prosecution witness will be on the stand on day four (4) of the trial today involving Constable Collis Brown, known as Chucky and Constable Rohan Morrison, charged with murder and wounding with intent.

Both Brown and Morrison were arrested and charged by the Independent Commission of Investigations following a shooting incident in May Pen, Clarendon on February 13, 2010, in which Fabian Dinal was shot and killed, and the witness reportedly shot at close rand in the chest.

On Monday, the witness testified in the police murder trial that Brown held an M-16 rifle about one foot from his chest before shooting him above the left breast.

The main event of the trial yesterday was the witness answer to Constable Brown’s lawyer, Norman Godfreym, who challenged the witness with the statement he gave police investigators on February 14, 2010, the day after the shooting.


The witness, whose name is being withheld, acknowledge during cross-examination on day three (3) of the police murder trial that, in his statement to the police, he never mentioned that Brown was responsible for shooting him at close range or that the officer placed his feet on his head as he lay wounded.

The witness states, he omitted that statement because he was afraid Constable Collis would kill him for admitting he shot him.

The witness told the court, at the time of the shooting he was 17-year-old, and still on his sick-bed when the police questioned him about the incident. Reportedly, the police investigators questioned that witness for his statement into the shooting, on the day after the shooting, while he was hospitalized. He stated that out of fear he told the police investigators “stories” to make them go away.

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