Senior Cop Released

Police Constable Shot and Killed

St Andrew, Jamaica (McKoy’s News) – Police Constable Shot and Killed: District Constable Rushaine Wollaston attached to Services Branch – Property Management and Maintenance Division was shot and killed by the police.

Reports are that Constable Andre Douglas and Constable Graig Grossett both attached to the Duhaney Park C.I.B were on mobile patrol and responded to reports of a group of suspicious men seen in the Davidson Avenue area.

On their arrival, three men were seen conversing.  The police instructed the men to put their hands on their head; two of the men complied, however, DC.  Wollaston refused to do so.

Constable  Douglas was searching one of the men whilst DC Wollaston was advancing towards Constable Grossett, stating that he is a police.  DC. Wollaston held onto his waistband and Cons. Grossett held onto his hand; Constable Grossett then discovered that DC. Wollaston had a firearm on his person.

Wollaston pulled the firearm from his waistband and held it to Cons. Crossett’s belly, a tussle ensued between both men. Cons. Grossett pushed off DC. Wollaston and fired three shots hitting him in the chest.

An illegal  .40 Hi Smith & Wesson (serial number erased) along with four rounds was seized and he was taken to the KPH, where he was pronounced dead.

The Hunts Bay C.I.B are investigating.

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