PNP Ideological Dilemma

The PNP  Ideological Dilemma, Capitalistic Action, Socialistic Thinking

Socrates at Large – The PNP  Ideological DilemmaOver the years I have watched this country toy with “adopted” ideologies and run with the thinking. The actions, however, has been anything but what the ideologies stand for. If truth be told the country at one time or another experimented with segments of both Capitalism and Socialism.

My focus here is the PNP and its search for an ideological identity.

Socialism and Communism are alike in that both are systems of production for use based on public ownership of the means of production and centralized planning. Socialism grows directly out of Capitalism.  It is the first form of a new society. Communism is a further development or a higher stage of Socialism. Where is the PNP in this cycle.?

The PNP  Ideological Dilemma: In my mind, the PNP likes the idea of Socialism as a Tribute to Michael Manley. But in truth, it is anything but a Socialist Party. Indeed many of its members are highly successful business people operating in a thriving Capitalist world. They talk Socialism to the people. They even have the Socialistic behaviour in their gatherings as a form of brotherhood.  In truth, it’s a farce. A sham. A weird con game. But it has the power to control and It does. It controls the minds of a large part of a semi-literate society who themselves don’t know the meaning of either of the above-mentioned ideologies.  In fact, the very membership of the party are people who chase their dreams in a very capitalistic way each and every day. The very economy over which the party governed the country for 18 years and then 4 additional years was Capitalistic in nature.

PNP Ideological Dilemma

An economy which is defined as the wealth and resources of a State can be grouped into two types. Formal and informal economies. Both are very active in all sectors of Jamaican society. In fact, Money makes the Jamaican daily lives go round. Capitalism and Socialism are formal economies that differ based on the role the government plays in it. Bear in mind that Capitalism affords economic freedom, consumer choice, and growth. At no time did the PNP ever alter this definition.

It could be said that the PNP is caught up in a cultist mind game. Indeed many are willing to go to war with this mindset. Of late it’s social media wars.  But do they really know and understand what they are fighting for?  Is it the Party or the Ideology. Many I think are simply robots of the party. I should declare that I too am a member of the party. Am I a Socialist? Hell no! I like many others chase the almighty dollar every day. I seek not to be equal to any man if his idea of equality is poverty. I believe in growth. Personal growth.  And the growth of the State. We all do.  The waiter or the bartender in a hotel hopes and dreams of being the Food and Beverage manager. Growth in income and Status. The garbage man at the back of the truck hopes and dreams of driving the truck. That’s capitalism. The freedom of choice.

So we come to the problem the PNP has on its hands. That search for an identity.  One young and bright candidate in the party has opted to  ” make some money to secure his future and that of his family” Can’t blame him. Yet you will still find him on the socialist platform. What is it that we really identify within this movement? It sure as hell isn’t socialism. That’s dead. That said every economy has socialistic aspects to it. Even in the mother of capitalism the United States. So the ideological definitions need to be revisited.

I can safely confirm to you that every single member of the leadership core of the PNP is fairly successful people, some more than some, but successful or on their way. Let me ask you this. As a party supporter are you successful or on your way? If you answer yes. ..Guess What…You are a capitalist. If you answer no…Then you my friends are the people that Andrew Holness tricked with the promise of PROSPERITY.  Because he knows what you don’t yet know. Every man woman and child in today’s world uses capitalism to elevate his or herself into economic stability……I challenge anyone to prove me wrong…….Welcome to the PNP Crossroads…..This junction is called …PROGRESS…POWER TO THE PEOPLE! TRIXIE !!!!!!

Editor at Large, Mckoy’s News: the views expressed in this post are that of the writer and not that of Mckoy’s News.

Contributed by: Socrates at Large

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