PNP Chairman Calls on Members to Cool it

PNP Chairman Fitz Jackson has taken issue with publication in the media of a letter sent to him by MP Mark Golding knocking the nomination of Senators by Party President Dr. Peter Phillips.

Golding’s letter also complained about the way he was approached to sign a letter to the Governor General giving support to Dr. Phillips continuation as Opposition Leader, following the PNP’s heavy loss at the polls. He also felt that Dr. Phillips should have arrived at a consensus about the naming of Senators whose appointment will be binding on his successor.

Mr. Jackson said he was compelled to issue this statement given the “extensive coverage of the message” sent to him by Mr. Golding.

He said: “It was quite surprising that the text of that message was delivered to my phone at 11:30 p.m. Tuesday night was in media discussion before 8:30a.m. the following morning, before I got a chance to read it and respond.

He said he has reminded Mr. Golding of certain discussions and meetings last week. He said the two have “have exchanged further views and agreed to move on.

He said the immediate placement of the letter from Mr. Golding on WhatsApp was troubling. He said: “I urge all members of our Party and others of goodwill, to avoid actions and public utterances which do not serve to heal and uplift the Party, especially at this time when we all must act to protect one of our country’s most valuable public institutions.


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