Plane Passenger Alerts Police to the Prospective Rape of Two Children

Plane Passenger Alerts Police: A woman who was travelling on a flight between Seattle and San Jose in the US earlier this week, saw when a man in the next row from her began sending disgusting messages in large font. The female passenger, who was looking over the man’s shoulder, realized the nature of the messages. She then made contact with the police, alerting them of the prospective rape of two young children.

The passenger has been recognized for her heroic act as a result of discreetly alerting the cabin crew of the plot and taking photos on her own smartphone of the man’s phone screen to give to police.

A spokesperson from the San Jose police department said the female passenger prevented a “horrific” and “catastrophic” crime against the two children, whose ages are five and seven.

“The conversations were very particular in regards to sex acts that were to be performed on children,” the spokesperson said. “Some of the sex acts talked about not only molesting the children but performing bestiality.”

Pictured above are Michael Kellar, 56, who was arrested at San Jose airport and Gail Burnworth, 50, who was arrested in Tecoma. When confronted with the evidence by authorities, Mr. Kellar said he dismissed the messages as a “sexual fantasy game,” however police quickly traced the texted number on his phone to a second suspect, Ms. Burnworth.

She had the two young children with her and police alleged that they were the prospective victims of the planned assault.

Kellar has been charged with two counts of attempted child molestation and Burnworth was charged with sexual exploitation of a minor and rape of a child in the first degree.

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