Paulwell, Crawford, McNeil and Phillips All Resign From Senior Roles in the PNP

The People’s National Party’s Vice Presidents, Damion Crawford, Wykeham McNeil and Mikael Phillips and Party Chairman, Phillip Paulwell, have resigned their positions with immediate effect.

The resignations took effect this morning.

The Party Chairman Phillip Pauwell confirmed the resignations.

In a joint press release to the media, it was disclosed that Vice President Mikael Phillips, who was recently nominated, has also decided to withdraw his nomination to be a vice president.

The three VPs and Party Chairman say they’ve engaged the wider leadership of the Party in good faith negotiation to avoid a further widening of the internal rift, recognizing that the Party Leader had declared publicly that the Party could not countenance another divisive internal election at this time.

The three VPs and Party Chairman say they’ve arrived at this decision today recognizing the risk of another internal election before the wounds of the last presidential elections were adequately healed.

The statement says the discussion within the Party continued for more than three weeks, with some officers volunteering to step aside for the sake of unity.

However, they concluded that the sincerity of certain members of the leadership was not forthcoming and that the minimalist effort towards unity was a charade that is inimical to a genuine pursuit of unity.

The statement says despite all the reasonable efforts to broker a platform of unity, there were otherwise covert attempts to sabotage the goal of peace and harmony with a plan to horde the available positions in line with previous public statements made by the Leader, who pronounced a lack of trust for persons who did not support him in his campaign leadership and his preference to surround himself with only individuals who overtly endorsed his candidacy.

The three VPs and Party Chairman say therefore, to continue their sincere efforts to preserve the Party, which has served this nation well and has been at the forefront of much of its development, they’ve decided to resign from their current positions and turn their efforts towards rebuilding the constituency organizations.

Meanwhile, they added that the level of disunity has deepened since the most recent internal election, where the victor has seemingly NOT acknowledged that unity is ultimately the responsibility of the victorious.

The three VPs and Party Chairman say they further believe that the disunity and display of underhandedness have crippled the spirit and effectiveness of the Unity Committee.

Despite this unfortunate development, they say they’re committed to the continued progress of the Party.

The three VPs and Party Chairman say they will work to advance the constituency organizations and develop ideas, policies and programmes around which the society can coalesce to address the issues and serve the Jamaican people.


Originally Published by: Nationwide News 

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