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Operations restored at KPH amid recent power failure

SS the Showstopper
By SS the Showstopper

Operations restored and work continues now that the power supply is back, following the recent outage. Health Minister Dr Christopher Tufton visited the Kingston Public Hospital KPH around 3pm, amids the power outages that disrupted workflow. Operations restored later in the evening to most of the affected areas.

The Chief Executive Officer at the KPH, Errol Greene said the failure was at 3pm but electricians have been worked tirelessly to restore electricity.

While some critical sections of the hospital, such as the operating theatre, continue to have power and are being operated as usual, other vital activities, such as the Accident and Emergency Unit, have had to be relocated because of the power failure.

Activities at the Accident and Emergency Unit were relocated.

One patient in the Intensive Care Unit was transferred to the University Hospital of the West Indies and another to the Victoria Jubilee Hospital.

No word was given as to the specific areas that were mainly affected but the matter was dealt with swiftly and professionally.

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