Opal Orando Anglin: Police Make Breakthrough Into Identity Of The Murdered Montego Bay Barber

The Barnett Street police in Montego Bay St James  say they have now made a breakthrough into the identity of  a  barber who was stabbed to death along Hart Street on Wednesday morning of June 6th

The deceased has been identified as Opal Orando Anglin otherwise called (Index), who is 36 years old and also resides in Hart Street.

Reports by the police are that, shortly after 1:30 am,  on Wednesday, Anglin who resides along Hart Street in Montego Bay St James, at the same location where the shop from which he operates is located, got involved in an argument with a man alleged over a fire being lit on the compound.

During the altercation, the man who is known as (Blacks) brandished a knife which he used to stab Anglin several times to the regions of his upper body.

Blacks then fled the scene, followed by which residents in the area alerted the police and upon arrival, the wounded Barber was transported to the Cornwall Regional Hospital where he was pronounced dead.

Swift investigation by the police led to the arrest of the suspect known as Blacks.  He is now waiting to be placed before an identification parade.

By: Henry Bucknor

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