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One Man Beach Stinks

For several weeks now persons who used the One Man Beach along Gloucester Avenue are uncomfortable, as sewage is now pouring on the beach property.

This making the visitors uncomfortable with the stench coming from that area.

What makes matters worst is the fact that as you enter the beach compound you are greeted with the stinking stench that is coming from the sewage line across the streets.

Several residents have said that they told the Councillor for the area, Dave Brown to help remedy the situation but up to press time Tuesday nothing have been done.

The people who used this beach on a regular basis are now fretting that in a short time the beach will be polluted.

Several calls to the Councillor’s phone  for him to make recommendation for the situation to be fix, went unanswered.

(Photo: Alan Lewin) Sewage: Section where the sewage is seen on the One Man beach

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