Omar Collymore Case: Alleged Killer Number Three Now Charged

JAMAICA NEWS – JANUARY 17, 2018, Omar Collymore Case:

Police are reporting that St Andrew businessman, Omar Best Collymore and a third man are now charged in connection with the execution-style killing of his wife, 32-year-old St Andrew businesswoman, Simone Campbell-Collymore along with Winston Walters, a 36-year-old taxi driver, who was transporting Mrs Collymore when he was caught in the murder rampage.

The new accused is identified as Dwight Pink.

Pink, who was rounded up and arrested a few weeks ago in connection with the murders, was officially charged on Friday, February 16.  While, 35-year-old Omar Collymore and Michael Adams, 27, were also previously charged with murder and conspiracy to murder.

Omar Collymore Case: Collymore and Adams who appeared before the Gun Court division of the Kingston and St Andrew Parish Court on Friday, February 16, where remanded without bail. Their next court date is scheduled for February 21, at which time they are expected to have secured legal representation.

Collymore who was listed as the main suspected in the January, 2., murder of his wife and her taxi driver, just minutes after the taxi drove away from a meeting with Collymore – has had run-ins with the law in his alleged attempts to flee Jamaica after the murder of Mrs Simone Campbell-Collymore, with whom he has two young children.

Red Hills Murder, Omar Best Collymore
Simone and Omar Collymore

Reportedly, just two days before the funeral of Simone, he was arrested at the Kingston airport, where he was attempting to board a flight with an alleged fake passport.

In later weeks the police sent out a bulletin for Collymore to turn himself over to their custody – notifying him that there was an active warrant for his arrest. After this notification, his attorney appeared on a national radio stating that Collymore could not turn himself into the police because according to Collymore, he was spitting out blood as a result of a gunshot he received weeks earlier. However, less than two days after the radio show, the police arrested Collymore (who had fed from St Andrew) in an early morning raid at a guest house.

Omar Best Collymore was found in the far western Jamaican parish of St Elizabeth, where allegations circulated that police received a tip to where he was hiding out after he fled St Andrew.

According to sources, Omar Collymore ignored the police call to turn himself over, instead, he was preparing to escape the island on a boat from St Elizabeth.

The killings of Mrs Collymore and Mr Walters were reportedly executed by 4 gunmen travelling on two motorbikes, outside an apartment complex on Stanley Terrace in Red Hills, St Andrew.

Collymore who is said to have triple citizenship with the United States, Barbados and Jamaica; was also allegedly fingered in a US civil case, as a person of interest in the murder of his girlfriend in Florida. She was murdered less than two years before he met and married Simone Campbell. Best Collymore allegedly walked away with US $400,000 in a life insurance, which according to his girlfriend’s family, she took out one month before her murder. Her boyfriend Collymore and her then 17-year-old son were reported to be the only beneficiaries of the policy.

Omar Collymore Charged
Angela Aguiar murdered prior girlfriend of Omar Collymore (left). The Collymore’s (right)

Collymore who was the only witness to that murder was never charged.

In what many have theorized to be an alleged stunt to divert attention from Collymore, just weeks after his wife was killed. Collymore’s vehicle was reported filled with gunshot holes in a hail of gunfire by unknown assailants – while he was in the parking lot of a New Kingston insurance agency. It is alleged that Collymore was at a location in relation to a multibillion-dollar insurance policy from the death of Mrs Simone Campbell-Collymore.

Omar Collymore reportedly escaped this shooting attack with a minor injury.


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