Police Hunting Shooter of Off Duty Cop Shot in Portmore

Jamaica News, February 14, 2018 Off 

St Catherine, Jamaica (McKoy’s News) – Cop Shot in Portmore: a Mobile Reserve police officer is now in the hospital are being shot last night when gunmen held him and his friends up in a robbery attempt.

Reports are that at about 11:30 pm the Police Constable and a group of friends were at a location in the Newland area of Portmore, St Catherine when gunmen approached them.

Three gunmen attempted to rob the group when a struggle ensued between the policeman and one of the gunmen.

The Constable was reportedly shot several times during the confrontation.

The gunmen ran from the scene and the cop was rushed to the hospital where he was admitted.

Police report that an active investigation is launched for the capture of attackers of the policeman.


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