North Coast Highway Potholes

North Coast Highway Potholes Results in Major Accidents

(McKoy’s News) North Coast Highway Potholes: Angry motorists and commuters who use the Western leg of the North Coast Highway are now lashing out at the National Works Agency and government officials for the deplorable condition in which that section of the highway has been for some time now.

A number of these motorists pointed out to our news team that the section of the highway from Montego Bay to Negril has been in a very deplorable condition for the past two years and has been ignored by the authorities.

North Coast Highway Potholes: They further pointed out that the large holes which have formed in the highway have resulted in several major traffic accidents causing serious injuries and fatalities.The motorists say they are now forced to drive on the highway with extreme caution, especially at nights. Huge craters can be seen in the roadway in major townships such as Hopewell, Sandy Bay, Barbican. Lucea, Green Island, Orange Bay and through to Negril.

Both taxi operators and private motor vehicle owners mentioned that they are now feeling the strain as they are forced to purchase motor vehicle parts on a daily basis because of the road conditions.

The Traffic Police officers in all three western parishes along with representatives from the major Municipal Corporations say they are all aware of the challenges faced by motorists, but there is very little they can do as the responsibility lies with the National Works Agency and the political representatives.

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