No Water at Spring Way, Kingston

Jamaica News, Kingston: Residents living at Spring Way in Kingston 10, say they are now very concerned because their community has been out of running water since Monday, April 1.

“This is a very serious issue for our community,” one resident told Mckoy’s News.

“We need our water to live our daily lives. We are taxpayers and we need some form of feedback from the National Water Commission office immediately.”

The residents say they have made several calls to the National Water Commission office, however, they were informed that the NWC is unable to say when the water will return.

Our news team made several attempts to get in touch with the management at the NWC office in the region, but with little success. We did speak to an employee at the NWC Office, who related that he is not authorized to speak on the issue, but he knows for sure that they are working to fix the problem.

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