Men Facing Murder Charges, Shineka Gray

No Lawyer In Court for Alleged Thugs in Shineka Gray’s Murder Case


St. James, Jamaica (McN) – Two men Mario Morrison and Gregory Roberts who were recently charged with the murder of 15 years old Green Pond High School student Shineka Gray of Mount Salem in St James was remanded into custody when they appeared in the St James Parish Court on Friday of the past weekend.

Police investigators informed the court that they were still carrying out investigations into the murder.

None of the accused were represented by an Attorney At Law on Friday’s court appearance.

One of the accused men was picked up in Bamboo District of Hanover, while the other in St Thomas after the decomposing body of the teenage girl was discovered in bushes in Irwin St James.

Following an investigation by the police Morrison was taken into custody after he was found in possession of a cell phone which is believed to belong to Gray.

Both men who are also facing other charges including murder are booked to reappear in court on March 3rd.

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