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Ninja Man’s Murder Trial Put Off Again after 8-years

Antonio Mckoy CEO - Mckoy's News

Kingston, Jamaica (Mckoy’s News) – Ninja Man’s murder trial put off again: dancehall icon Ninja Man is charged with murder for eight years now, but the trail can’t seem to get started.

The murder case against Desmond Balentine, known as Ninja Man was set for trial on Monday May 8 as a priority trial, but the case was again put off; and there would be no start of trial on Monday.

Ninja Man’s trial was postponed on Monday because there was no judge or courtroom available for his trial – which was set as priority with the Home Circuit Court, downtown Kingston on Monday May 8.

Balentine is charged with the 2009 murder of Ricardo Johnson, called Trooper. Ninja Man is jointly charged with his sons Janiel and Dennis Clayton with Johnson’s murder.

Ninja Man was arrested for Ricardo Johnson’s murder in 2009 and remained jailed until he was granted bail three years later.

The entertainer’s attorney, Valerie Neita Robertson said her client is suffering irreparable damage with the case being postponed again for the sixth time.

“It is time the court takes a position on matters like this. There is something called a fair trial,” stated the furious Neita Robertson.

Ninja Man will be back in court on October 2 on the next trail date.

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