Mysterious Fire Destroyed a House, 3 Jamaicans Killed in the US

Three Jamaicans including their two-year-old daughter have perished after an explosion and mysterious fire burned their house in Southeast Side, Columbus in Ohio, USA on Wednesday.

The dead persons are identified as 33-year-old registered nurse, Nerissa Distin; originated from Old Hope in Westmoreland; 42-year-old Gary Morris; and their child, Serena Morris. All resided in Columbus, Ohio in the United States.

The US media reports that residents heard a loud explosion coming from the house sometime after 7pm. The house was then seen in the blaze and the fire department was summoned to the scene.

While in the process of putting out the blaze, the bodies of Distin and Morris were discovered, before the child’s body was later recovered.

The couple’s two other children were not hurt by the flame, as they were visiting other neighbors at the time, police indicated.

Neighbors said the family had Jamaican roots and were friendly, according to media reports.

Additionally, Distin worked as a registered nurse at Mount Carmel Rehabilitation Hospital, and her husband worked in the commercial printing industry.

Investigations continue.

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