Dear McKoy: My Man Wants an Open Relationship

Dear McKoy: My Man Wants an Open Relationship – I am 21 years old, currently dating a 46-year-old for some time now, however, he doesn’t seem like the settle down type, he keeps telling me that he does not want a lockdown relationship he want to have sexual intercourse with other girls as well as have an open relationship so he doesn’t have to lie.

I love him and it seems he loves me too. I am not short of nothing, he is always there for me when I call on him. I have never cheated on him because I love him so much, but I don’t know if this relationship is healthy or I should just end it.


  • Confuse


Dear Confuse,

Firstly you need to ask him if he plans to have a future with you because you’re a young lady that wants to settle down and I don’t think that you want to waste your youthful days with someone who doesn’t, you also need to tell him that you aren’t comfortable with the open relationship.

Tell him you want someone that is yours and yours alone who you don’t have to share and ask him if you can’t satisfy him and clearly if you can’t satisfy him you need to find someone who will appreciate your loyalty and honesty.

A rare gem such as yourself should not have to deal with a man like that. A man like that is classified as greedy, wants too much, cannot be satisfied and I’m sure that isn’t what you want for yourself. You deserve better.


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