Dear Mckoy- My Boyfriend Turns Me Off

Dear Mckoy: My Boyfriend Turns Me Off– I am dating a 40 years old man that I use to be very much in love with, until I realized that he’s not just a womanizer but a man that will go to bed unprotected with just about any woman that turns him on.

I am aware of him being a womanizer and several times spoke to him asking him to at least use protection. All that seems to go from one ears to the other.

Now I found out that he have been going to bed with a lot of school girls from his community and not only that but he’s also having unprotected encounter with them.

Since then everything he does turns me off. Even if we try to have a normal conversation I get turn off by just his utterance.
He’s not aware that I have lost all feelings for him.  I want to tell him but I don’t know how to approach the situation.

I need some advise.

Ker.  St Thomas.

Dear Ker: It’s obvious your unhappy in the relationship with your boyfriend and it appears to me that he may not care much about how you may feel about his womanizing lifestyle.

What I do suggest is that since you have lost feelings for this man, it’s best you take the time and be very open with him.  Tell him exactly how you feel and what causes your changes of feelings then call it a day and move on with your life.

Good Luck.

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