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MURDERED BY BLEACH – Woman killed her boyfriend

Woman ‘killed her boyfriend after pinning him down and pouring BLEACH down his throat during furious row’

Dad dies after being made to swallow corrosive liquid

A WOMAN is accused of murdering a dad during a row by holding him down and forcing him to drink bleach.

Yasmine Elder, 24, was in a van with partner Darrius Ellis, when they got into an argument.

Prosecutors say Elder overpowered Mr Ellis, 26, and was able to pour bleach down his throat.

Cops later found the dad-of-one passed out on the ground near the vehicle in in Chicago in the early hours of Monday.

He was taken to hospital but was pronounced dead at 3.26am, the Chicago Tribune reports.

A post-mortem examination revealed Mr Ellis died after a “caustic substance” was “forcibly” poured downed to his throat.

Elder was was arrested and charged with murdering Mr Ellis, who was dad of a five-year-old son.

Paying tribute, the murdered man’s granddad said: “He was a good kid  – everybody loved him.”

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