MURDER FOR SALE book by Roger O. Williams

“MURDER FOR SALE Book” Trapped between Love OR Death, Troy Chooses…

“To save his beloved grandmother; a young man must choose between her life and another. As life slips from the frail grasp of her body the line between wrong and right becomes increasingly blurred” 

New York – ‘MURDER FOR SALE by Roger O. Williams

The Murder For Sale book is not just a story about murder. It’s a story about love, protection, and maternal bond.

Troy is a twenty-five-year-old unemployed young man who lives with his sick grandmother in one of the most impoverished inner-city communities in Kingston, Jamaica. Troy secretly does vigilante killings in order to numb the pain of his traumatic past. When his grandmother becomes gravely ill and is in need of an expensive surgery, to save her life, Troy is approached by an evil drug lord who is willing to pay for the surgery, but wants an enormous favor in return: Troy must kill the drug lord’s number one enemy…a cop. Troy immediately declines the offer, but with time running out on his grandmother’s life, and no other option, Troy is forced to make a decision that will change his life forever.

Haunted by the ethical dilemmas which plagued Troy, the Murder for Sale book is a provocative novel that forces the reader to recalibrate their moral compass. Is it ever right to do wrong? Is it ever wrong to do what’s right? While growing up in Jamaica, Williams saw far too many news reports, where young men had attempted to solve their problems using deadly means. What remains a mystery, were the untold reasons which motivated one to kill, for money.

One of the objectives of this book is to educate the youths of today─who believe in gun violence─that violence is not the answer.

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MURDER FOR SALE’ by Roger O. Williams
MURDER FOR SALE’ by Roger O. Williams

This riveting – life gripping novel will pull you into a deep evaluation of life…crying and laughing, thinking and smiling – reflecting on the measure of life, family, and love.

About the Author

Roger O. Williams is a U.S. military veteran, writer, actor and animal rights activist. He is the author of TURN BACK BLOW. He was born in Manchester, a rural part of Jamaica. He lives in New York.

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