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Munich trial of a drowned colleague

SS the Showstopper
By SS the Showstopper

Germany (Mckoy’s News) — There is a Munich trial of three men accused of denying their ‘friend’ assistance, when he got in trouble with the treacherous current in the river, from a daring jump challenge.

Three men -Dennis G., Adem I. and Zlatko P. – were working as rail labourers on the Braunau rail bridge in the south of the city on May 22, 2015, when the incident occurred, according to reports.

Prosecutors argued that Stefan D. turned up late for work while inebriated.  At least one of the men made a bet with the 22-year-old that involved him jumping into the river below, which was surging due to recent rains.

The young man jumped. Although Dennis G. and Adem I. both saw him struggling in the water neither took any action to help him, such as calling the emergency services. Instead, they kept working, the prosecution claimed.

The ‘friends’ then made a deal, if anyone came to ask them about Stefan D.’s whereabouts, they would say they sent him home on May 22nd and never saw him again, prosecutors alleged.

Three weeks later Stefan D.’s body was found near the Cornelius Bridge.

“It was dancing around my conscience – I couldn’t sleep anymore,” said 33-year-old Dennis G. while on the Munich trial.

Adem I.’s lawyer told the court that her client did not expect Stefan D. to take the bet seriously. He also expected that the young man would be able to save himself by hanging onto the pillar of a bridge further down the river.

Zlatko P., who was the foreman in the team, claimed that he had not seen the young man jump into the river and that he had also not thought anything of it when he did not turn up to work again.

The prosecutors held all three men accountable for a lack of action, calling for probationary sentences of six to seven months.

One was acquitted while two were convicted, now awaiting trial.

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