Mount Salem Police Calls on Jps to Address Power Line Death Trap

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Jamaica News, March 15, 2018 – Mount Salem Police Calls on Jps

Montego Bay, Jamaica (McKoy’s News) – Officers assigned to the Mount Salem police station in Montego Bay, St James say they are now calling on the Jamaica Public Service Company to address a situation at the station grounds in Mount Salem, which they consider to be a Power Line Death trap.

Earlier this week our news team was given a tour of the station grounds by the concern officers who pointed us to a cluster of JPS high tension wires, which runs through a large breadfruit tree located in the middle of the station compound.

The officers pointed out it is a disaster waiting to occur.  The high tension wires have now entwined with the branches of the breadfruit tree, which have now transformed into a deadly electricity conductor.

The breadfruit tree is so large, that several of the branches are now hanging in low proximity to the ground and stretched across the path that leads to the station Barracks.

The officers also pointed out that they have to be very careful when walking in this area,  especially at nights because one touch from a branch of this electricity generated tree can result in the loss of many lives.

They stated that have made several calls to the JPS informing them of the situation but to date, it has not been addressed.

Our news team made several attempts to get in touch with a representative from the JPS Montego Bay office but were unsuccessful.

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