Twelve Houses Firebombed

Morant Bay Fire Brigade Says They Cannot Contain Massive Fire

St. Thomas, Jamaica (McN) – Jamaica Fire Brigade is monitoring a fire that has eaten though over 100 acres of cane fields in Roselle District, St. Thomas.

The Morant Bay Fire Brigade reporting on the fire stated last night:

“Due our limited resources the fire happen to escape and came further up into the hills…Presently the rest of the fire is inaccessible to us, so we have it under observation.”

Reports are that fire of unknown origin raged though sugarcane farms on the district of Roselle, St. Thomas since Friday afternoon and was impossible for the local fire station to contain.

The smoke from the fire was so much, nearby schools had to be closed early. The White Horses Primary and Infant School was suspended on Friday as students started displaying respiratory struggle.

The fire threatens nearby businesses and houses.

A morgue was caught on fire but the Morant Bay Fire Brigade was able to put it out. However, a car that was parked at garage also caught on fire and was damaged.

The Jamaica Fire Brigade reported last night that the fire was inaccessible to them and has spread to the hills of St. Thomas.

Ezra Morris, District Officer at the Morant Bay Fire Station states that the fire is currently under observation, as they are limited in resources to fight this fire which has escaped them. He said they exhausted the length that they use and, were in middle of the fire – fighting the fire – but they cannot access the bounds to where the fire has spread.

Mckoy’s News will keep you updated on this fire. 

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