Mobay Dancer HQ is Dead

Latest Jamaica News, Montego Bay(Mckoy’s News): Mobay Dancer HQ is Dead Family members are puzzled at the sudden passing of Saniea Ellis, who collapsed and died at her home in Flankers, while she was sweeping her yard.

Saniea Ellis, more popularly called “HQ”, died a few weeks ago, one day prior her 40th birthday.

Over the years, the name HQ appeared on posters and a few music videos. One of her biggest moments came a few years ago when DJ Elephant Man invited her on stage at Reggae Sumfest to perform.

Many people credited her for inventing a popular dance called the “Hook stick dance,” however, there was controversy as to whether she was the person who invented it.

Saniea Ellis was born on August 14, 1979.  She attended the St Ayries High school, after graduating from school, she did hairdressing at her home and catered to persons who had special events to attend, such as funerals, graduations, and weddings.

Dancer HQ is seen in happier times at her home in Flanker, St James

On Tuesday morning, August 13, she was at home sweeping her yard when she saw something that frightened her, and she collapsed.

She was assisted to the Cornwall Regional Hospital in Montego Bay where she was pronounced dead.

Saniea Ellis was the first of five children for her mother, Joan Williams-Jefferson, who lives in the USA.

The funeral arrangement is not yet finalized.

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