Million Dollar Fire Destroy Sections of Furniture and Appliance Store, in Downtown Montego Bay

Jamaica News, Montego Bay: Fire said to be caused from an electrical short circuit destroyed sections of a furniture and appliance store located along lower Barnett Street, in downtown Montego Bay, on Friday afternoon.

Reports from the Barnett Street police are that shortly after 12:00 noon, the fire which started from the upstairs of the store, was spotted by employees who raised an alarm.

The Freeport Fire department was summoned, and officers along with members of the Jamaica Defence Force stationed at the Barnett Street Police Station cordoned off the area.

One unit from the Freeport fire department responded, and firemen fought the blaze for close to an hour.

After extinguishing the blaze, an assessment revealed that sections of the building, furniture and appliances were destroyed by the fire.

The damage is estimated in the region of one million dollars.


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