Lockdown Of Wakefield In Trelawny Due To Massive Protest

Trelawny, Jamaica (McKoy’s News)- Lockdown Of Wakefield In Trelawny Due To Massive Protest: Residents of Wakefield in the parish of Trelawny yesterday morning staged a massive protest as they say they have been trying without luck for many years to get the authorities to address the poor road conditions there. They say the situation has now become untenable, which has forced them to take matters into their own hands with a planned ongoing protest.


The community is now sealed off to vehicular traffic and as a result of the protest, which started at approximately 4 a.m., persons who work outside of the community; and students who attend school in Montego Bay and Falmouth, were not able to leave the community.


A source affiliated with the Muschett High School, which is located in Wakefield, says classes have been called off for the day because of the significant dislocation caused by the protest. There are no classes at the Wakefield Primary School.


More information will be provided as information becomes available.



Written By: Nichola Panton

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