Massive Supermarket Fire

Massive Supermarket Fire in Lucea

Lucea, Hanover ( McKoy’s News)Massive Supermarket Fire in Lucea: As early as 6:00 am on Thursday morning, June 15,  firefighters attached to the Lucea and Montego Bay Fire Department could be seen fighting a battle with a raging fire which partially destroyed a supermarket and liquor store in Lucea.

The Firefighters stated that they got the call some minutes after 5:00 am and responded with assistance from other departments.

On reaching the scene, they saw that the Chinese-owned supermarket, which is located along Lucea main street was completely engulfed by fire.

The fire blazed through the entire two-story building, destroying a warehouse area, the shopping area, and a liquor store area.

According to the firemen up to news time, the origin of the fire was still not known, damages so far have been estimated at over 5 million dollars.

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