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Man Shot and Killed in Mount Salem after Shineka Gray’s Body was Found

Man Shot and Killed in Mount Salem after Shineka Gray’s Body was Found

Mount Salem, St. James (McN) -The Mount Salem and Freeport police in St. James say they are trying to determine if the shooting of three men in the community of  Mount Salem on Wednesday night is in any way linked to the murder of a teenage school girl whose body was discovered in Irwin Meadows several hours earlier that same afternoon.

Shinka Gray Found Stabbed to Death After Attending a Funeral

The murdered school girl who hails from the said community where this latest shooting occurred has been identified as Shineka Gray, 15-year-old grade 10 student who attended the Green Pond High School.

The shooting on Wednesday night left one man dead and two others in the hospital battling for their lives.

Investigators pointed out they have not yet gotten the real identity of the deceased male victim, but two other men who were standing with him at the time of the shooting have since been admitted to the Cornwall Regional hospital in serious condition.

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The police reported that, shortly after 10:00 pm on Wednesday night residents of Clarkes Street in Mount Salem were still in shock at the gruesome discovery of the body of 15-year-old Green Pond High School student Shineka Gray, when tragedy hit the community again.

A motor vehicle with three men on board is alleged to have driven into the community and, two of the men stepped out. The men brandish handguns and opened fire hitting the three men who were standing along the roadway.

The gunmen then  jumped back into the car which sped away, while the three wounded men were rushed to the Cornwall Regional hospital where one was pronounced dead and the other two admitted.

Reported by Henry Bucknor

Special Investigator for Mckoy’s News

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