Chest Hospital

Man Dies in Misadventure at Chest Hospital Construction Site

St. Andrew, Jamaica (McN) – Police report that a man was killed in an accident at the construction site of the National Chest Hospital in St. Andrew on Saturday.

Dead is Omar Walker, 29-year-old labourer of Bedward Gardens, St. Andrew.

Reports are that Walker died from injuries he received when the contents of a dump truck accidentally spilled on him, while he was working on the grounds of the National Chest hospital yesterday.

It is reported that at about 12:10 pm, Walker was helping to direct the driver of a Leyland motor truck, containing silt, to dump the silt into a hole, when the truck overturned spilling the silt on Walker, covering him.

The fire department was summoned. The fire brigade used a crane to remove Walker.

He was removed and taken to hospital where he was pronounced dead.

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