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Man Found Guilty for 2015 Quadruple Murder in Clarendon

Clarendon, Jamaica (McN) – The quadruple murder of three teen students, and an accounts clerk in the Monymusk Housing Scheme, Clarendon on April 15 2015 rocked the county in shock. On Monday some solace may have been handed down when the man accused of the execution style murders was convicted in the Clarendon Circuit Court.

The quadruple murder included victims 14-year-old Raymond Givans, 14, Vere Technical High School Student; Ricardo Briscoe, also 14 years old, who attended Garvey Maceo High School; Alex Turner, 16, of Central High school; and one adult, Marquis Hamilton, a 35-year-old accounts clerk.

Jermaine Turner, of a Clarendon address was found guilty on four counts of murder on Monday, after jurors deliberated for 42 minutes in the case that began on February 15, 2017.

Returning with a unanimous guilty verdict.

Quadruple Murder Incident

Reportedly about 9:00 pm on April 15 2015 Hamilton and his common law wife  were seating along the wall of their home on Shrimp Street in the Monymusk housing scheme.

The three boys, who were close friends were heading home, when they stopped outside Hamilton’s house access a free (unsecured) WiFi service.

Marquis Hamilton Shot and Killed In Quadruple Murder
Marquis Hamilton Shot and Killed In Quadruple Murder

Detailed are that Marquis Hamilton and his wife were first approached by Turner and another man. Turner held them at gun point and ordered his counterpart to rob Hamilton and his spouse of their cell phones.

Hamilton’s common law wife escaped from the scene.

The gunman ordered Hamilton and the boys to lie face down in the yard, then shot the boys execution style in their heads; while Hamilton was shot in the chest.

Police investigators found the cell phones belonging to Hamilton and the woman on Turner and his sister, Sabrina Corrier.

Turner was charged with four counts of murder, robbery with aggravation and possession of illegal firearm and ammunition.  Corrier was charged with receiving stolen property.

After the conviction Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) Paula Llewellyn, is reported as saying that she hope the conviction of  Turner gave the families some closure.

“I do hope this can provide some amount of closure for the families of the victims,”

“The police did their job and the court system worked.” stated Llewellyn

Turner will be sentenced on April 6, 2017.

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