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Man Charged with Attempted Penetration of 5-yr-old Niece Appears Before Court

Jamaican News, February 1, 2017

St. Catherine, Jamaica (McKoy’s News)Attempted Penetration of 5-yr-old Niece: a St Catherine man faces court for the charge of allegedly sexually assaulting a 5-year-old relative.

A man appeared in the St Catherine Parish court on Wednesday for charges of allegedly attempting to penetrate his five-year-old-niece. His younger brother was also charged with threatening a witness in the case and appeared before the St. Catherine Parish Court on Wednesday.

Reports in to Mckoy’s News are that the man and his brother resides at the same premises as the child but in a separate house. It is alleged that the 5-year-old niece complained that her uncle touched her on her private area with his penis.

The child was taken to the doctor where it was confirmed that penetration was attempted on the 5-year-old.

The younger brother was granted bail of J$150,000, as St Catherine parish justice, Judge Ann-Marie McIntosh made focus that he was not being charged with the primary crime. The uncle of the 5-year-old alleged victim was, however, was ordered to cease from interfering with any of the witnesses in the case

The main accused uncle was remanded in police custody until he returns to court on Friday, February 3, 2017.

Mckoy’s News will follow this story.

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